What do the icons on your Windows Phone 8.1 mean?

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If you’re new to Windows Phone 8.1, some icons have changed and there are some new ones.

Notification area

When a notification comes in and you don’t do anything with the toast (or, more importantly, miss it), this icon will appear in the status bar to let you know there’s one or more items in the notification area (that can be viewed by dragging down from the top of the screen):


Quiet Time

When quiet time is in effect (or “do not disturb”) you will see the following in the status bar:



When you’re connected to a VPN, you will see the following icon in the status bar:


Internet sharing

Internet sharing icon changed from the following:

to the following:


Driving mode

The driving mode icon changed from the following:

To the following:


Power Saver

The Power Saver mode icon has changed from the folowing:

to the following:


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