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Dogfooding v. For a company to use the same products that it produces.

With the recent release of Windows Vista Microsoft seems to be doing it’s due diligence and everyone at Microsoft seems to now be running Vista.  This is great news for future Vista customers; but what does it say about existing customers–loyal customers who have been using, now previous, supported versions of Windows.

That’s what I don’t get about Microsoft.  It’s either current or it doesn’t exist.  Windows XP is now _system _non grata–it doesn’t exist.  Although it’s “supported” for another 24 months (I haven’t seen the official date; but the policy suggest November 2008).

In my opinion Microsoft should be dogfooding all its supported products.  Not many companies have the resources to switch from one OS to another arbitrarily (arbitrarily because no one but Microsoft really knows the release date and it certainly isn’t made public when most companies are planning work or creating a budget).

Yeah, it sucks to have to use a previous version of an OS when a superior version now exists; but, it sucks to eat dog food too!

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