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Windows Phone 8 tip: copy and paste from paper book


Windows Phone 8 tip: copy and paste from paper book

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Windows Phone 8 has lot of useful features.  But, did you know you can copy and paste from printed text?  Here’s how:

First, click the search button.  Then click the vision icon.  This allows you to scan things like QR codes or Microsoft Tags.  Position the camera so the text you’re interested in is on the screen.  At some point the scan text button will enable.  Press the scan text button and and a while Windows Phone will find text in the image that was on the screen and highlight it.  For example:


You can now tap the text you’re interested in and it will be added to a text box at the top of the screen.  When you have the text you want, tap the last word to select it, then grab the first selection disk and drag it to the left to select the first part of the text and tap the copy icon.  Or, if you’re interested in all the text it found, tap on the ellipses (…) then tap Copy all.

Had the text in question not been in a language that you understand, you could have translated it also; but I use the copy printed text feature more often.

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