Disabled Browser Copy-to-Clipboard: WTF?

Published on Thursday, February 28, 2019

Seriously, web sites that disable copy-to-clipboard? What do they think they are protecting? It's very annoying.

The way they actually do that is to override the default oncopy event handler. But, you know what? With browsers (at least Chrome), you can actually modify the document in real-time and remove that new handler. Better yet, you can create a bookmarklet on your bookmark bar and re-enable copy-to-clipboard any time you want. Just drag the following link to your browser bar and drop: javascript: (function () )(); That creates a button with all that javascript in the name; if you prefer a simpler, icon-looking button, drag and drop this fist (fight the power) to accomplish the same thing

Now when you get one of those websites, click that bookmarklet and copy to clipboard All. You. Want.

If you have any similar tips and tricks, please share with a comment!

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