Environment Variables with C# Conditional Compilation Symbols

Published on Thursday, December 12, 2019

Have you ever thought, it would be nice to have a symbol like PETERRIT that is unique to your domain account that you could use for code that YOU maybe working on but don't want to break the build?

I occaisionally think I would like to do this:

   public class ViolatileExperiment()

When I think of this I go look at the docs or on Stackoverflow, but I never find anything that allows me to do that.

I had that thought recently and poked around in the Project Settings for a few minutes to see what's going on. Interestingly "%USERNAME%" causes and error, but doesn't break the build.

Damn, I thought. But % is so... DOS, maybe they use a different delimiter. So, I stuck in ${USERNAME}. Nope. Then I thought, wait, macros in build events have a specific format! I entered $(USERNAME) and low-and-behold it worked!

It's a little wonky though, in the Project Settings it shows the expanded variable (PETERRIT), but in the project file it shows the macro reference. ($(USERNAME)). I can see the macro reference getting overwritten from time to time.


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