Microsoft 2007 MVP Global Summit

Published on Thursday, March 15, 2007


Microsoft 2007 MVP Global Summit

I'm starting to wind down from attending the 2007 Microsoft MVP Global Summit. The Global Summit is a conference where Microsoft invites MVPs to come to Seattle/Redmond to get together with the product groups and give them feedback, influencing the development of 90 Microsoft products.

Iwas ableto meet face-to-face with many talented MVPs and Microsoft employees. Some are people I've worked/communicated with on the MSDN Forums (Brian Kramer, Josh Ledgard, Joe Morel); some are the people I've been working with on the Visual C# Developer Center(Charlie Calvert, Bill Wagner) and soon to be Visual C# Developer Center contributors (Richard Hale Shaw, Greg Young); and some where people involved with Microsoft's open source initiative and (Sara Ford).

I also got a chance to meet with many other talented MVPs with common interests and to discuss them, including:
Miha Markič
Mitch Ruebush
Ben Day

Mark Miller
Keith Nicholson

Karl Seguin
Alain "Lino" Tadros.

The development division folks at Microsoft outlined some very exciting technologies coming down the pipe and lots of really good feedback, much of it in the form of complaints–MVPs don't hold back.

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