Women in High Tech

Published on Sunday, February 21, 2010


Women in High Tech

I know a lot of really good people in software development from around the world. I'm fortunate to have spent face-to-face time with many of these people. These people bring great value to our industry.

One thing that was apparent again at the MVP Summit is the heavy male attendance on the software development side.

The point was made a couple of times and some tweets flowed about it a few times. Is it a good-old-boy's network? Are software development leaders dominated by the "Alpha Male". Are women simply not willing to put up with any of us? I personally don't know.

What I do know is that, as a community, we're not better off for it. Women bring a sense of communication that is lacking by many men in the software development industry. MVPs are generally exceptional in this respect; but they're not immune.

I have a couple of challenges of my readers. I challenge my readers to foster and mentor more women in software development. I also challenge my readers to help point out women in software that should be

If you know a woman in high-tech that you believe should be recognized just as much as any "Alpha Male"; please point them out. Use this blog if you like, or call them out on your own blog—detail why you think they're leaders in our industry and deserve recognition.

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